Definition of precision in US English:



  • 1The quality, condition, or fact of being exact and accurate.

    ‘the deal was planned and executed with military precision’
    • ‘The precision and the quality of the data are the foundation for predictive tools, particularly on the selling side.’
    • ‘A delicate touch with such precision in these conditions was merely another insight into the fine player Riordan promises to be.’
    • ‘Stewart's pained expression was frightening testament to the quality and precision of Hatton's work.’
    • ‘Patrick Kennedy's collections had a more accurate style and greater precision.’
    • ‘Arms full, they continue their run after the truck, and with accurate precision, fling the bags into the back of the truck.’
    • ‘But then I have these ridiculous plans that need to be executed with exact precision.’
    • ‘The pacing is speedy and the jokes come thick and fast; the screenwriters set up and pull off gags with exacting precision.’
    • ‘Some shots require extra precision or else they exact a severe penalty.’
    • ‘They also relied more on impulse than exact precision, which meant they were highly adaptive.’
    • ‘The elimination of large flocks of birds was conducted with military precision to make sure that no trace of the virus was left behind.’
    • ‘Henry's unsparing precision was the one quality that found no equal in the Roma ranks.’
    • ‘They rarely include memorable details or exact biographical or topographical precision.’
    • ‘Their plan was put in place days before and was executed with military precision.’
    • ‘Timeliness in reporting is just as much a quality issue as are the accuracy and precision of testing.’
    • ‘There was no external law stating with precision the facts to which it applied.’
    • ‘The protest appears to have been organized with almost military precision.’
    • ‘The code must be clean, well organized and properly executed with precision and accuracy.’
    • ‘The same qualities of precision and rigour he showed in research were brought to his teaching but this did not mean that his lectures were complicated.’
    exactness, exactitude, accuracy, accurateness, correctness, preciseness, clarity, clearness, distinctness
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    1. 1.1as modifier Marked by or adapted for accuracy and exactness.
      ‘a precision instrument’
      • ‘But there will always be the need for the precision tool, designed and prepared for a specific scenario.’
      • ‘They would have had to smuggle in the precision machine tools necessary for new centrifuges.’
      • ‘Bullet molds are precision instruments, and must be used and stored carefully.’
      • ‘The ability to take out precision targets in urban environments will be critical in future conflicts.’
      • ‘By then, Cooke was established as a precision engineer of genius.’
      • ‘You wouldn't know that beneath her stripy shirt lurk stomach muscles which appear to have been carved from ebony with precision tools.’
      • ‘It just looks like it might actually be fun to use, even though it is a precision instrument.’
      • ‘Even so-called precision bombing is only as accurate as the intelligence that guides it.’
      • ‘Careful craftsmanship goes into the precision manufacturing of each nozzle orifice.’
      • ‘Torque wrenches are precision instruments and need to treated and operated carefully.’
      • ‘It was Townsend who supplied a precision flick on to Cormac Mullins who saw his point blank shot saved by the Tullow keeper.’
      • ‘It took a team of three technicians to coordinate the lasers and rotate the accelerator, using lasers to guide it to a precision hit.’
      • ‘Clint Stoerner swings his arm, flexing the muscles which will have to deliver a precision pass in the face of extraordinary pressure.’
      • ‘Now even more airshow fans will be able to see the precision aerobatics.’
      • ‘Meehan could only blast over from the left hand side of the box after Ferguson slid a precision pass through to him.’
      • ‘The accident-prone insurance industry is at it again, falling flat on its face with the precision timing of slapstick comedy.’
      well aimed, precise, on target, unerring, deadly, lethal, sure, true, on the mark, careful, meticulous, painstaking
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    2. 1.2technical Refinement in a measurement, calculation, or specification, especially as represented by the number of digits given.
      ‘a precision of six decimal figures’
      Compare with accuracy
      ‘this has brought an unprecedented degree of precision to the business of dating rocks’
      • ‘To check the measurement precision of our scatterometer, we conducted tests.’
      • ‘Heisenberg also showed there is a similar uncertainty in the precision of energy measurements and how long one takes to do the measurement.’
      • ‘First of all, you can't ‘define’ any identity with any degree of precision.’
      • ‘The sixteen digit strings were converted to floating point losing the last digit of precision so all numbers ended in zero.’
      • ‘The Greek archaeologist Manolis Korres has been working on the Acropolis for 25 years, devising diagrams in accordance with the precisions made by the architects of the Parthenon, Ietinus and Callicrates.’


Mid 18th century: from French précision or Latin praecisio(n-), from praecidere ‘cut off’ (see precise).