Definition of preciously in US English:



  • See precious

    • ‘To my mind there is something in the up-for-it, let-your-hair-down, what-the-hell British pub culture that enshrines something seriously free, something preciously liberal in overall British culture.’
    • ‘It reprints newspaper classics from the early 20th century, at their original size, every watercolour nuance preciously preserved.’
    • ‘Countries like Poland got preciously little tangible benefits for their involvement, be it by way of commercial contracts, military assistance, or abolishing visa restrictions for Polish visitors.’
    • ‘The tramway, the kiddies' fairground, the open moor and tranquillity is really what families value most preciously.’
    • ‘In shoe boxes filled with important immigration papers one could find menus or flyers handed out in the streets that my father kept, preciously, as carefully as the immigration documents.’