Definition of precast in US English:



[with object]usually as adjective precast
  • Cast (an object or material, typically concrete) in its final shape before positioning.

    ‘precast concrete beams’
    • ‘Precision grout fills voids in blocks and is used as a bedding material underneath precast panels, beams, and columns.’
    • ‘It will be possible in the near future to precast long deck and girder systems using reactive powder concrete that will make very rapid bridge construction possible.’
    • ‘Formal precast fountains of all shapes, sizes and themes may be self-contained or installed in the center of a pond or pool.’
    • ‘Although the material can be mixed in standard industrial concrete mixers, most applications to date have been precast concrete.’
    • ‘This can make them less suitable for some precast and concrete paving applications, especially where mixing times tend to be very short.’
    • ‘Low-cost precast concrete tiles are set in sand over a standard membrane roof to create exterior decks.’
    • ‘If the stone or precast concrete element is a single piece that functions as a lintel to support the masonry above, the flashing should be installed over the lintel.’
    • ‘In 1979, a certain young concrete engineer was responsible for an onsite precast operation that was producing segmental bridge units.’
    • ‘The compressive form-active dome is a composite of in situ and precast reinforced concrete.’
    • ‘Also repeated were precast concrete sunshields above the windows that were sized to fit into the surrounding brick dimensions.’
    • ‘Here one faces the glass and precast concrete front of the museum.’
    • ‘The deck is being constructed with curving precast segmental elements, cast onsite, that add to the attractiveness of the project.’
    • ‘The well is precast in the proper height, width, and length, and the entire stairwell is cast into it as well.’
    • ‘There are precast paving stones in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors that are perfect for borders.’
    • ‘Key to the effort was the fast production of specialized machines that fabricated precast concrete girders and fitted their edges with milled steel flanges.’
    • ‘The hard part about installing precast concrete countertops is lifting them into position.’
    • ‘Using concrete minimizes construction waste: whether cast-in-place or precast, concrete is used on an as-needed basis.’
    • ‘The structural system includes horizontal precast concrete units that act as transfer beams carrying the load onto rectangular stone piers.’
    • ‘Various types of high-performance precast and cast-in-place concrete were specified to meet the accelerated construction schedule.’
    • ‘Construction is of finely finished precast concrete panels, with the recessed top storeys having steel structure and cedar cladding.’