Definition of preboard in US English:



[with object]
  • Allow (a particular passenger or group of passengers) to board an aircraft before the rest of the passengers.

    • ‘Standing near us, also waiting to pre-board, was a group of six Middle Eastern men.’
    • ‘They say they're going to pre-board those passengers in need of special assistance.’
    • ‘If someone is really tall and needs extra legroom… they can ask to be preboarded to find a roomier seat.’
    • ‘I drove him to the Newark airport, and you know how they let you pre-board with small children?’
    • ‘The airlines tell us to pre-board.’
    • ‘Plus it seems like a lot of people had boarded even though we were "pre-boarding".’
    • ‘The irony is that we were pre-boarding with an 8-month-old baby, and they moved us to let another couple sit together.’
    • ‘The last time we had been in Chicago, we were pre-boarded based on Michael being under twelve years old.’