Definition of prebiotic in US English:



  • Existing or occurring before the emergence of life.

    • ‘These findings suggest a role for prebiotic, probiotic, and soil organisms in the treatment of allergic and autoimmune diseases.’
    • ‘RNA molecules are also thought to have been among the first catalytic replicators in prebiotic evolution under the ‘RNA world’ hypothesis.’
    • ‘A prebiotic functions by selectively stimulating the growth of probiotics and other beneficial bacteria in the GI tract.’
    • ‘But what's particularly exciting about it is that it has organic material in it, so a number of people believe that Titan might be a prebiotic planet - which means you have chemistry on it, but biology has not yet started.’
    • ‘One notable consequence for biology was a thoroughgoing re-evaluation of experimental work on prebiotic and biotic evolution.’
    • ‘Furthermore, it has been hypothesized that if the prebiotic genetic material was RNA, reverse transcription might have been required to formulate DNA-based genetic information.’
    • ‘Germinated barley foodstuff is a prebiotic foodstuff that effectively increases luminal butyrate production by stimulating the growth of protective bacteria.’
    • ‘In dairy products containing live cultures, inulin works as a prebiotic to help the cultures grow and function at their peak.’
    • ‘Other analyses have inspected the interplay between similar selective mechanisms involved in the reproduction of viruses, prebiotic replicators, and cytoplasmic organelles, but do not deal with plasmid-specific traits.’
    • ‘A new development in the market adds another piece to the puzzle - the increased use of probiotic and prebiotic ingredients in yogurts.’
    • ‘This interpretation would thus offer a novel insight into the selection of the proteinaceous amino acids from the near-infinite possibilities of both prebiotic syntheses and biosynthetic modification.’
    • ‘Smoothies are very popular in Europe, Latin America and the Pacific Rim, where they are consumed for their prebiotic benefits.’
    • ‘These products are often very nutrient-rich and use the addition of inulin for its prebiotic properties, increased calcium absorption and fiber enhancement.’
    • ‘‘We're not expecting to find life - it's too cold - but we are expecting to find prebiotic chemistry like that in the very earliest days of Earth,’ he said.’
    • ‘New research shows that adding inulin, a prebiotic food ingredient, protects probiotics during processing and transit through the digestive tract.’
    • ‘Germinated barley foodstuff is a protein-rich insoluble prebiotic fiber made from brewer's spent grain, containing glutamine-rich protein and hemicellulose.’
    • ‘In prebiotic systems it is probable that spontaneously formed pores played a role in the transport of ions and organic compounds.’
    • ‘They also add ingredients for prebiotic effects.’
    • ‘He said the time is ripe for the dairy industry to embrace the probiotic and prebiotic theories and develop products which deliver health to consumers through the inclusion of these naturally-occurring healthy bacteria.’
    • ‘It is a prebiotic whose primary advantage is its ability to stimulate and promote good digestive health.’


  • A nondigestible food ingredient that promotes the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the intestines.

    • ‘Inulin, a carbohydrate or fructooligosaccharide derived typically from chicory root, is a soluble-dietary fiber that has application as a prebiotic or stimulant of probiotic bacteria.’
    • ‘One such function is as a "prebiotic," and fibers like inulin, oligosaccarides and resistant starches can play a role in this respect.’
    • ‘The latter, a fiber-like substance, is a prebiotic, meaning it encourages the formation of healthy, beneficial bacteria in the intestine.’
    • ‘As a prebiotic, it also helps increase the level of good bacteria in the digestive system and promotes overall digestive health.’
    • ‘Thus, chromium may act like a prebiotic.’
    • ‘Fructooligosaccharide (FOS) is a fruit sugar and is often used as a prebiotic in the treatment of Candida.’
    • ‘It is a prebiotic whose primary advantage is its ability to stimulate and promote good digestive health.’
    • ‘In dairy products containing live cultures, inulin works as a prebiotic to help the cultures grow and function at their peak.’
    • ‘As an added bonus, however, depending on the type and amount of prebiotic utilized in formulation, the end product's packaging label can sport fiber-related health claims.’
    • ‘Scientifically defined as a "prebiotic," inulin has been shown to stimulate good bacteria in the digestive tract.’
    • ‘According to Brown, resistant starch is considered a prebiotic since it encourages the growth of microflora in the gut.’
    • ‘Over recent years there has been a body of research built up that indicates inulin also acts as a prebiotic.’
    • ‘The prebiotic found in yogurt and also sold in supplement form is fructooligosaccharide.’
    • ‘Look on the label for "FOS," an acronym for this prebiotic's scientific name, fructooligosaccharide.’
    • ‘What made the yogurt so unique is that it used acid whey left over from cottage cheese production as a powerful prebiotic.’
    • ‘Half of the company's products also contain inulin, a natural dietary fiber and prebiotic.’
    • ‘Inulin is a "prebiotic," a food ingredient that selectively stimulates the beneficial bacteria in the human digestive tract to increase the beneficial effects of probiotics.’
    • ‘The friendly bacteria feed on a substrate known as a 'prebiotic'.’
    • ‘Larch is also a prebiotic (food for the good bacteria in your intestines).’
    • ‘Similar patternings must arise in any complex molecular mixture, including the prebiotic.’