Definition of preagricultural in US English:



  • Denoting a people, tribe, or culture that has not developed agriculture as a means of subsistence.

    • ‘My article specifically discusses pre-agricultural people who made war and agriculturalists who did not.’
    • ‘In those pre-agricultural times when the world population was just a few million, infant mortality was extremely high and only a minority of people survived to the end of their reproductive years.’
    • ‘Apparently, this unknown male's diet was thought to be low in complex carbohydrates or sugars and therefore he probably lived in the pre-agricultural era.’
    • ‘The common factors that dominate human evolution and produced homo sapiens were pre-agricultural.’
    • ‘Palaeopathological and comparative studies show that health deteriorated in populations that adopted cereal agriculture, returning to pre-agricultural levels only in modern times.’