Definition of preacher in English:



  • A person who preaches, especially a minister of religion.

    • ‘There have been preachers and religious leaders with that kind of natural charisma.’
    • ‘It provides a tremendous chance to benefit from the ministry of other preachers.’
    • ‘Pray regularly from the pulpit for God to raise up preachers and missionary church planters.’
    • ‘So there was the crowd of preachers who knew one another, and met and prayed with one another.’
    • ‘Neither preachers nor church members should be ashamed of God's sovereign purpose.’
    • ‘At the meeting, they see preachers preaching about sin to a big crowd of people.’
    • ‘Preaching isn't the only thing preachers and churches are called to do, but it is the main thing.’
    • ‘But pastors and preachers have particularly strong reasons to give themselves to prayer.’
    • ‘Throughout the history of the Church it has been seen in many preachers of the Gospel.’
    • ‘Of course I still would find time to visit my fellow preachers and evangelists around the state of Texas.’
    • ‘Strictly speaking, missionaries are preachers of the gospel, dedicated and direct.’
    • ‘This, then, is the first reason why pastors and preachers are to give themselves to this ministry.’
    • ‘We need first and foremost gospel preachers to help form gospel churches.’
    • ‘He was also one of the most popular preachers of his time.’
    • ‘The church is the seedbed of gospel preachers, and we must value and nurture what God plants among us.’
    • ‘The church needs preachers who have unhurried communion with God, who radiate something of the glory of God.’
    • ‘Its proponents were often like visionaries, preachers of this new religion of nature.’
    • ‘Little wonder that ordinary preachers find this a perplexing issue.’
    • ‘Because it is filled with stories tied to Scripture, preachers will find it a rich resource.’
    • ‘A new generation of fervent Sikh preachers is being educated in this seminary near Amritsar.’
    minister, minister of religion, parson, clergyman, clergywoman, member of the clergy, priest, man of the cloth, woman of the cloth, man of god, woman of god, cleric, churchman, churchwoman, evangelist, apostle, missionary, revivalist, evangelical, gospeller, sermonizer, spreader of the faith, crusader, proselytizer, moralizer
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Middle English: from Old French precheor, from ecclesiastical Latin praedicator, from the verb praedicare (see preach).