Definition of pre-roll in US English:



  • An online video advertisement that plays before the start of a video that has been selected for viewing.

    ‘we are seeing that 15- and 30-second pre-rolls are effective when users want premium content’
    as modifier ‘only five percent of users paid attention to pre-roll ads’
    • ‘The new softphone-Talkr service will be supported by audio advertising, "with a simple pre-roll audio clip inserted as each person enters a conference call."’
    • ‘There's the pre-roll ad that plays before the featured video, commercials interspersed throughout the program, and - sometimes - banner ads next to the video.’
    • ‘If you want to start watching a new section of the show you first have to watch a pre-roll commercial.’
    • ‘I use the same technique on the Internet when I encounter video with mandatory pre-roll commericals.’
    • ‘Edit your videos to showcase your brand in the introduction (pre-roll), or in an overlay like a sub-title.’
    • ‘Adverts will be in the form of conventional TV ad breaks and pre-roll formats - where the ad runs before video content - and will be introduced onto relevant content over the next three months.’
    • ‘If you have stuff behind a paywall or pre-roll ads you might have "poor user experience metrics".’
    • ‘Pre-roll adverts are expected to add up to a total of 120 million streams over the course of the collaboration.’
    • ‘They will embed or pre-roll a commercial before the Youtube player will play the main content.’
    • ‘The initiative has created a new pre-roll advertising format expected to launch in January.’