Definition of pre-op in US English:



  • short for preoperative
    • ‘He had his pre-op medication and they had given him morphine.’
    • ‘At 6: 30 AM, I will be moved from my room to the pre-op prep room.’
    • ‘A few hours later, my mother was whisked away to a pre-op room.’
    • ‘When they came to give me the pre-op needle for the anaesthetic I just screamed.’
    • ‘I watched him move around the pre-op room, a handsome man in his scrubs, tall and strong, unlike poor me, lying there like a lamb to the slaughter.’
    • ‘I have been waiting, only a short time, for an operation on my leg and on Monday I received a letter from the hospital inviting me for my pre-op consultation on Wednesday and the operation next Wednesday.’
    • ‘They waited, clutching their pre-op paperwork and the hands of their relatives, looking nervous or bewildered, lost inside themselves.’
    • ‘Afterwards, I took him for a pub lunch, where he confided that on the pre-op trolley, the surgeon warned him she might have to remove a testicle.’
    • ‘When the surgeon finally came for his pre-op visit, Dad asked only one question: ‘Will my personality change?’’
    • ‘A nurse's aid came to walk me down to the pre-op area.’
    • ‘Of course it would be common courtesy for a transexual to make it known they are a pre-op transexual.’
    • ‘She was laying on a gurney, of course, in the pre-op room.’
    • ‘They handed me my standard issue hospital togs, bringing memories of wisdom teeth and tonsils flooding back, and wheeled me to a pre-op holding bay.’
    • ‘Whenever I schedule a patient for a procedure, the anesthesiologists order a bunch of pre-op labs, and I am copied on the results.’
    • ‘During my pre-op appointment yesterday, he mentioned that he doesn't think the surgery will really help with my chief complaint.’
    • ‘So quite often pre-op physiotherapy is required and this may be several months of intensive physiotherapy.’
    • ‘As a responsible surgeon, you provide your patients with postoperative instructions at their pre-op appointment.’
    • ‘When he goes in for the pre-op checkup, they can just skip over the part where they listen to his heart…’


  • A tranquilizing injection or other treatment administered in preparation for a surgical operation.

    • ‘And as you can see, the pre-ops are on the left and the post-ops are on the right.’
    • ‘When maintainers do pre-ops from memory, I become edgy.’