Definition of pre-Oedipal in English:



  • Existing or occurring before the onset of the Oedipal phase of development.

    • ‘In Helen's case, she says, the ‘activity with father’ was a conduit for carrying out the ‘revenge wishes against mother for pre-Oedipal frustrations.’’
    • ‘This divided subject, unable to regain the plenitude of the pre-Oedipal phase, is nonetheless condemned to an indefinite and impossible search for unity which is the very condition of desire.’
    • ‘Victimhood, innocence, pre-Oedipal desire, and pseudo-divine feminine intuition are, she argues, neither grounds for insight, nor suitable bases for a responsible feminist politics.’
    • ‘According to the feminist psychoanalyst Nancy Chodorow, female children in particular strive to uphold the unity with their mother even after the pre-Oedipal phase.’
    • ‘However, for Irigaray, a pre-Oedipal, homosexual desire for the mother is a key characteristic of hysteria.’