Definition of pre-Christian in US English:



  • Relating to a time before Christ or the advent of Christianity.

    ‘the pre-Christian world’
    • ‘But saying that alone doesn't really help us; it merely takes us back to pre-Christian, Pantheistic naturalism.’
    • ‘The South Koreans also have many newer religions that combine Christianity with native pre-Christian beliefs.’
    • ‘Did such a spiritual tradition exist within the pre-Christian religions of Europe?’
    • ‘The indigenous pre-Buddhist, pre-Confucian, pre-Daoist, and pre-Christian religion of the Korean peninsula seems to have been shamanistic in nature.’
    • ‘Chapter 3, on pre-Christian Egyptian monasticism, along with a paragraph on Sufi mysticism, is too sketchy and vague to be of much help.’
    • ‘With the exception of a very few cultures with any semblance of a written language system, oral history is the main basis in which pre-Christian history is preserved.’
    • ‘Nor can it be gainsaid that Goddess worship was an aspect of pre-Christian religion.’
    • ‘Both represent a symbiosis of Orthodox Christian and pre-Christian belief systems.’
    • ‘Historians and folklorists interested in tracing ‘pagan survivals’ from the pre-Christian into the Christian era have been especially inclined to this approach.’
    • ‘Their pre-Christian religion could be described as animism - the belief that everything is alive with natural or supernatural spirits.’
    • ‘Would it have been possible to formulate the basic Christian doctrines without the hellenic tradition, itself pre-Christian?’
    • ‘If Paul, when first in Galatia, had already made known his past to his recruits, there would have been little reason for him further to defend his pre-Christian career in the letter before us.’
    • ‘They regard Satan as a pre-Christian concept, representing pleasure, virility, and strength.’
    • ‘She not only gives us a sense of village life but in the process reconstructs its ancient, pre-Christian roots.’
    • ‘The writer advocates the re-emergence of paganism especially the pre-Christian Roman Saturnalia.’
    • ‘Thus, we may say of Paul that he thought of himself as under a curse in his pre-Christian state.’
    • ‘It is thought to have been used in pre-Christian religious rituals in many parts of Europe, including Britain in the time of the Druids.’
    • ‘In fact, the history of early Christianity would have been quite different without these pre-Christian religious beliefs.’
    • ‘We hear about pre-Christian religion, pagan beliefs, shamanistic rituals and healing drums, and the story is narrated in ambiguous and multivocal words and concepts.’
    • ‘Some scholars believe it is possible to trace the region's devotion to the Virgin Mary to the mother goddesses of pre-Christian religions.’