Definition of prayerfulness in US English:



  • See prayerful

    • ‘Dad would tut-tut and Mum would make me go and kneel next to her so that I couldn't make him laugh, but there was something about the praying together and the quietness and the prayerfulness that touched even my little rebellious soul.’
    • ‘Listening to the silence or waiting for the form to be revealed within the stone are forms of attentiveness, even prayerfulness.’
    • ‘It was very important to me that we meet in a context of prayerfulness, and the kind of amplitude that a monastic environment supplies.’
    • ‘In the present study ‘impact’ refers to the influence that the parish has on one's prayerfulness, relationship with the deity, ability to make moral decisions, and personal involvement in social justice concerns.’
    • ‘He was just going out there to celebrate mass in front of all those people and so there was a lot of prayerfulness about him.’