Definition of prayerful in English:



  • 1(of an action or event) characterized by or expressive of prayer.

    ‘prayerful self-examination’
    • ‘Thoughtful, prayerful discussion helps us decide about the kind of care we want during times of serious illness.’
    • ‘The people of Tinryland expressed their sorrow in prayerful ways during the week.’
    • ‘It was in that prayerful atmosphere, as he pondered the greatness of the Lord and fixed his mind on God's love, that this writer felt as if he were being drawn into the inner chamber of the Lord.’
    • ‘And the essence of any such prayerful self-examination is to do so honestly, which is hard.’
    • ‘The Parish would like to extend best wishes and prayerful thoughts to all students who will sit their Junior and Leaving Certificate Examinations in the coming weeks.’
    • ‘A few minutes would be spent in prayerful meditation to express gratitude to the ultimate cosmic power, which we call God, for everything in life.’
    • ‘Plan two is inspired by an Islamic courtyard, intended originally as a place for prayerful contemplation.’
    • ‘We strive to recognize a unity of prayerful faith in a diversity of cultural expressions.’
    • ‘Was her artwork something of an expression of her prayerful life, or contemplative life?’
    • ‘A quiet prayerful atmosphere always prevails at Crohill Mass Rock, which stands in a small sheltered field on the top of Crohill in the townland of Crobane.’
    • ‘These peaceful spaces, designed with a sensitivity to experience and light, will instill reverence, and facilitate thoughtful - even prayerful - reflection.’
    • ‘The counselor contemplates these counseling agreements in light of God's eternal covenant through prayerful reflection.’
    • ‘We're talking about a dramatic societal change that requires prayerful and deliberate theological reflection, and one would expect some resistance.’
    • ‘The evening promises to be prayerful, celebratory and reflective.’
    • ‘Focus on God's will and be open to its renewing work in Scripture, in words that form in your heart after prayerful contemplation, in things you read, hear or see in daily living.’
    • ‘I was somewhat gloomy and depressed those days, but I felt refreshed by the surrounding trees and prayerful atmosphere.’
    • ‘For many who have tried it, this type of prayerful meditation has brought new insights to the text and even led to a new understanding of Jesus as someone who is present for each of us, here and now.’
    • ‘But if children become accustomed to washing one another's feet, a prayerful atmosphere in a family or church school setting would not be foreign to them.’
    • ‘But prayerful meditation quietly assures me that mutual love in the context of a greater love for God can only be good.’
    • ‘Serious, selfless, and prayerful discernment is needed.’
    pensive, thinking, reflective, contemplative, musing, meditative, introspective, philosophical, cogitative, ruminative, absorbed, engrossed, rapt, preoccupied, deep in thought, immersed in thought, lost in thought, in a brown study, brooding, broody, serious, studious, solemn, dreamy, dreaming, wistful, melancholy, sad
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    1. 1.1 (of a person) given to praying; devout.
      • ‘For John, mystical theology is a gift of grace by which a prayerful person stands before and has some kind of experience of the presence of God.’
      • ‘It can change a person from being prayerful and hopeful to one who is despairing.’
      • ‘People want well-read, reflective, and prayerful preachers.’
      • ‘My other memory of him was that of a prayerful person.’
      • ‘It is a book worth having and giving as a gift to a prayerful friend.’
      • ‘He was a most prayerful man often spending up to seven hours a day in prayer in his private chapel.’
      • ‘Places of worship were - and still are - the most popular of such sites because the passers-by tended to be more prayerful and more disposed to give generously.’
      • ‘Here, seeing was surely believing, but truly spiritual seeing was itself a miracle, uniquely manifested by divine grace to this holiest of prayerful petitioners.’
      • ‘And I'm grateful that he's a prayerful man, yes.’
      • ‘Well, 60 years ago, a worried and prayerful mother wrote a detailed diary about her three sons fighting in World War II.’
      • ‘His hands folded reverently, he appeared calm and prayerful, despite the repeated flick of his eyes towards the back of the church.’
      • ‘But people were also contemplative and prayerful.’
      • ‘Effigies of their parents, Richard and Magdalen, are sheltered in a magnificent canopied tomb in the south transept, eight prayerful and reverent children gathered behind them.’
      • ‘Mary is seen as the pious, prayerful one, and an exemplar of contemplative life, whereas Martha is less spiritual but actively engaged in practical aspects of life.’
      • ‘They were, he said, spiritually minded, prayerful and generous.’
      • ‘A prayerful woman from her youth, she imagined a life free of family obligations and devoted to the Church.’
      • ‘This central ritualistic moment appealed to all the senses: bells were rung, incense burnt, and candles lit, so that the layperson would see the elevation of the body of Christ, would bow in reverence, and be appropriately prayerful.’
      • ‘He is a very prayerful person but very humble and I don't think he will change as a person.’
      • ‘The quiet testimony of humble, honest, prayerful believers can be enormously effective.’
      • ‘He said: ‘Pope John Paul II was a leader of manifest holiness and a faithful and prayerful friend of the Anglican Church.’’
      pious, religious, devoted, dedicated, reverent, god-fearing, believing, spiritual, holy, godly, saintly, faithful, dutiful, righteous, churchgoing, orthodox
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