Definition of prayer meeting in US English:

prayer meeting


  • An informal religious gathering or service during which prayers are offered.

    • ‘We're going to personally invite a lot of people to our prayer meeting.’
    • ‘All members were thanked for their wonderful attendance at the parish prayer meeting in Peace in Christ, Kilkenny.’
    • ‘In terms of our laws, they don't need to seek permission to have a prayer meeting.’
    • ‘Afterwards, Howie felt bad about disrupting the prayer meeting.’
    • ‘In the Bible Belt, admitting your affinity for the slots could prompt a prayer meeting for your almighty soul.’
    • ‘A retired Anglican clergyman is facing prison in Zimbabwe for holding a street prayer meeting.’
    • ‘About 120 people attended the prayer meeting, which was organized with little notice.’
    • ‘King described an incident in Birmingham in 1963 in which protesters marched toward the city jail, intending to hold a prayer meeting.’
    • ‘Meanwhile yesterday, the former president attended a prayer meeting at the Mackay Memorial Hospital.’
    • ‘Protesters had apparently sought to sidestep the ban by calling the gathering on Sunday a prayer meeting, not a political gathering.’
    • ‘Eager to see my friend, I decided to go to the prayer meeting with him.’
    • ‘About 10000 Jews gathered for a prayer meeting in Boro Park, Brooklyn, New York on Monday.’
    • ‘The church was born in a prayer meeting.’
    • ‘Last Friday night we held the monthly prayer meeting at our church.’
    • ‘By all accounts, there is going to be a bigger problem at the conclusion of the prayer meeting on Sunday.’
    • ‘The members of the Irish band hold a prayer meeting to exorcise the demons.’
    • ‘In October last year we attending a prayer meeting of a national ministry in Branson, MO.’
    • ‘At least 150 members of the Amish community met at a home prayer meeting about 200 yards from the schoolhouse.’
    • ‘Almost every week for seven years, her home hosted a regular prayer meeting at which regulars attended faithfully.’
    • ‘Last Wednesday, 3rd October, I was at the prayer meeting.’


prayer meeting

/ˈprer ˌmēdiNG/