Definition of prakriti in US English:



  • (in Vedanta) the prime material energy of which all matter is composed.

    • ‘The individual soul has awareness in accordance with his material body, which he attains by virtue of prakriti, or material nature.’
    • ‘Kali is the prakriti bound to time, with one leg raised, in eternal movement, wearing human heads as a garland representing all the destruction and creation that goes on.’
    • ‘If the Vedas are a response to the phenomena of nature or prakriti, the Vedanta is preoccupied with the principle of consciousness or Brahman.’
    • ‘The jivatma or spirit is, because of its involvement in the material world or prakriti, ignorant of its true divine nature and the essential unity of all creation.’
    • ‘In its lower forms bhakti is based on the three gunas of prakriti or modes of material nature.’