Definition of prairie wolf in English:

prairie wolf


North American
  • another term for coyote
    • ‘The horns might be considered masculine, but that is how cows protected their calves from prairie wolves, so people left them on.’
    • ‘At the bottom of the bluffs I made my way across a terrace plush with yellow grass as high as a prairie wolf's eye, mindful of the open wells and basements that riddle these old towns.’
    • ‘She has warmly wrapped her heart around 11 honky-tonk torch songs with more authentic wails than a lonesome prairie wolf.’
    • ‘While the 30-caliber 110-grain bullet is short on sectional density and ballistic coefficient, it shoots surprisingly flat, delivering more than enough energy to topple the biggest prairie wolf on the plains at 300 yards or so.’


prairie wolf

/ˈprerē wo͝olf/