Definition of prairie dog in US English:

prairie dog


  • A gregarious ground squirrel that lives in interconnected burrows that may cover many acres. It is native to the grasslands of North America.

    Genus Cynomys, family Sciuridae: several species

    • ‘A hawk hid under the potentilla bush and leaped suddenly on an overconfident prairie dog a little too far from its burrow.’
    • ‘Many species depend on the prairie dog for food or habitat, such as the swift fox, burrowing owl, and ferruginous hawk.’
    • ‘The ferret's survival has forever been entwined with that of the prairie dog, a foot-tall rodent that makes up about 90 percent of the predator's diet.’
    • ‘For example, the prairie dog is a tremendous pest throughout the Western United States.’
    • ‘A current example is the black-tailed prairie dog, which has been reduced to less than one percent of its historic range of 100 million acres and is in grave danger of extinction.’


prairie dog

/ˈprɛri dɔɡ//ˈprerē dôɡ/