Definition of praemunire facias in US English:

praemunire facias


  • More fully "writ of praemunire facias". A writ charging a sheriff to summon a person accused of asserting or maintaining papal jurisdiction in England (originally one accused of prosecuting abroad a suit cognizable by English law), so denying the ecclesiastical supremacy of the monarch.


Late Middle English; earliest use found in William Paston. From post-classical Latin premunire facias, premuniri facias, the name of the writ, use as noun of the first words of the writ from classical Latin praemunīre to fortify, in post-classical Latin (e.g. in MSS of classical Latin authors) confused with and used for praemonēre to forewarn, admonish, warn + faciās, 2nd person singular present subjunctive of facere to do, make.