Definition of ppi in English:


  • Pixels per inch, a measure of the resolution of display screens, scanners, and printers.

Definition of PPI in English:


  • Payment protection insurance, a form of insurance intended to cover loan or credit card repayments in the event of loss of income due to illness, unemployment, etc.

    • ‘The FSA has been putting pressure on banks and loan companies to stop automatically including protection payment insurance (PPI) when customers sign up for new financial products.’
    • ‘PPI sounds like valuable protection, doesn't it?’
    • ‘In fact, nearly a fifth of his final loan was just the accumulation of PPI and the interest on it - an insurance he didn't really need because he doesn't work.’
    • ‘Thanks to high-pressure selling, seven out of ten loans are sold with PPI, which is hugely overpriced.’
    • ‘If you're shopping around for a personal loan, as sure as eggs is eggs, you'll be offered payment protection insurance (PPI).’
    • ‘The cost of PPI is often automatically included in the loan, preventing borrowers from shopping around and securing the cheapest deal.’