Definition of power structure in US English:

power structure


  • 1The hierarchy that encompasses the most powerful people in an organization.

    ‘inside the power structure of the American Catholic Church’
    • ‘The artist and the mystic can do a lot to encourage the personal experience of truth in beings - perhaps we can whet the appetite for truth in those that support and manipulate the current power structure.’
    • ‘But I think that he really took on a lot of the power structure…’
    • ‘She may be a committed economic reformer who hopes to sweep out corruption, but she is perched atop a power structure that has been riddled with graft and now appears to be wracked by political infighting.’
    • ‘Positional power in the official power structure or hierarchy is relatively easy to find in an organization.’
    • ‘The government says it is probing the power structure inside the jails and considering a plan which would move many of those in eastern prisons - where most of the hate crimes are committed - to western jails.’
    • ‘While arguments about what is possible within the power structure of the college will no doubt be raised, I would like to call for an investigation of broader possibilities for student government.’
    • ‘A community leader provided an interesting recommendation as to what would effectively break the dependency of community organizations on the municipal power structure.’
    • ‘The narrative structures of the films, and the power structures represented in them, propose representations that interpellate both the real and the stereotypical.’
    • ‘As yet, these recent immigrants have played no part in the power structure - not being members of the fraternal organizations.’
    • ‘The twelfth-century French nobility locks its sons and daughters into a power structure controlled by the patriarchal family and the hierarchical social structure.’
    • ‘Before buying into this draft, consider what it means to be forcibly enlisted into our military, an institution grounded in violence, discipline, and power structure.’
    • ‘Someone who's not inside the power structure can't know.’
    • ‘Therefore the military is the best example of a socially organized power structure.’
    • ‘What's more, the management, accounting, and computer science majors are counting on the hierarchical corporate power structure to work in their favor upon graduation.’
    • ‘Moreover, it should be noted that the adoption of a primary system will exert a comprehensive influence on the composition, organization and the power structure of the political parties.’
    • ‘Processes constitute a vital part of the power structure within an organization.’
    • ‘Next, to bypass existing centers higher up in the power structure, and to strengthen local level organizations and institutions, communication should preferably be horizontal.’
    • ‘When climate conditions were such that the sacred plants had to be imported, this created a big power structure in the hierarchy of spiritual society.’
    • ‘This dynamic created a basic disconnect that allowed people within organizations that have a hierarchical power structure to seize undue authority and wield it under the guise of racial and cultural unity.’
    • ‘As such, the game narratives are more like modern renditions of radical folk tales that question the explicit power structure by presenting an alternate structure.’
  • 2The people in a power structure.

    ‘there are certain natural leaders of the underclasses, and the power structure interprets what they do as a crime’