Definition of power rating in US English:

power rating


  • 1The amount of electrical power required for a particular device.

    ‘a continuous power rating of 150 watts’
    • ‘Moreover, an engine built and certified for a particular horsepower rating isn't intended to be able to withstand the additional loads of a higher power rating, and there's no simple conversion process.’
    • ‘‘The modification involves replacing a number of resistors with similar resistors that have twice the resistance, but the same size and power ratings as the originals,’ he said.’
    • ‘These devices record the frequency, duration and amplitude of wind over time, and the expected yields for wind plants of various power ratings on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis.’
    • ‘That power rating also affects the radio's battery life.’
    • ‘Voltage across the diode will be that same 5.1 volts, so it acts to limit the 9 volt battery's power supply down to roughly 5 volts, which is the USB power rating.’
    • ‘The diesel range now adds a 1.9-litre dCi 130 hp fitted with particle filter, making it one of the cleanest engines on the market for its power rating.’
    • ‘The authors also reported an overall diagnostic power rating of 0.91.’
    • ‘The criterion for the amount of tax to be paid was the power rating of the car.’
    • ‘If you go for the mid-section, his power rating can be adversely affected.’
    • ‘The power rating of the battery is 1,250 watts per kilogram, more than a kilowatt in each kilogram module in the system.’
    • ‘To make a first crude estimate, I went around the house with a flashlight, crawling under desks to read the power ratings on nameplates.’
    • ‘You can select the package style, power rating, packaging (bulk, tape-and-reel, etc.), vendor, resistance, tolerance, or any combination.’
    • ‘He said: ‘Technically, their power rating is one tenth of a foot pound - which means that you could sneeze harder.’’
    • ‘They're aimed in some cases at different markets and have a range of stated power ratings.’
    • ‘A radio's power rating is represented in watts and determines the strength of the radio's signal and its range.’
    • ‘I have been contacted by a number of my constituents who are concerned about the high power rating of some of the spotlights now fitted onto cars and the dangers these cause for other motorists.’
    • ‘I note that you mercifully didn't choose to overtax our abilities by describing this power rating as ‘four 50-watt domestic lightbulbs’.’
    • ‘It has a 500-watt input power rating and 150-mph survival wind rating.’
    • ‘The smelter complex will consist of two submerged arc furnaces with a power rating of 15 mega-watt each.’
    • ‘Today, there are a number of brands, power ratings and models available.’
  • 2A numerical representation of a sports team's strength for betting purposes.

    ‘a 99 power rating and a home field edge of four points’
    • ‘If we're fortunate enough to win our conference tournament and get a high enough power rating to stay out of the play-in, it might help us avoid having to play a top seed right away.’
    • ‘It was an interesting theory, and one still honored by a certain segment of bettors who don't like their handicapping too complicated with power ratings; home field advantage; the weather and motivation as factors to mull over carefully.’
    • ‘Their woeful RPI rating of 242 through last Sunday was enough to drop the ACC's power rating to third, behind the Big 12.’
    • ‘Handicapping the ‘Big Dance’ is an art in itself, and the author shows you how to look at teams based on power ratings; offense; defense; difficulty of schedule.’
    • ‘Never mind power ratings, spreads, home field advantage, and injury evaluations including who's quarterbacking this week - just show me the winner, you say.’