Definition of power pop in US English:

power pop


  • A style of pop music characterized by a strong melody line, heavy use of guitars, and simple rhythm.

    • ‘I hear a bit of 70's NYC punk in these guys filtered through the Strokes and the melodies of 80's power pop.’
    • ‘I can see where power pop comes from.’
    • ‘In between, we get punk rock, rough-and-tumble love songs, fuzzed-out power pop and even a surf-rock number.’
    • ‘The music is Southern power pop with a dash of blues thrown in for good measure.’
    • ‘Their power pop incorporates so many great influences that they never sound stale.’
    • ‘The only reason I want to use the word power pop for Sloan is that they're too damn friendly for US success.’
    • ‘All of these influences would manifest into Jonny's own unique style of power pop.’
    • ‘What's the difference between power pop and pop-rock?’
    • ‘His latest single is dancefloor-savvy power pop.’
    • ‘But the power pop is just too infectious.’
    • ‘The term power pop is, in itself, fairly insulting, suggesting brainless three-minute novelties.’
    • ‘Scotland's Teenage Fanclub are the standard-bearers of modern power pop.’
    • ‘From the Replacements to the Hang Ups, Minneapolis has long been a beacon for tuneful, crunchy power pop.’
    • ‘Their look could be a described as militaristic, cartoon characters, but their sound is pure modern power pop.’
    • ‘And on their major label debut, they get down to it with bright jangles of highly danceable power pop dusted with attitude-packed female vocals.’
    • ‘The album is a genius blend of light rock and power pop.’
    • ‘Beats For Beginners is a band that deals in floaty power pop reminiscent of the Shins with synth taped onto the ends.’
    • ‘The track is far more power pop and far less celtic dance than their previous work.’
    • ‘Actually, I think we're influenced by those genres, but we're not striving to be new wave or power pop.’
    • ‘Power pop is alive and well in Australia it would seem.’