Definition of power base in US English:

power base


  • A source of authority, influence, or support, especially in politics or negotiations.

    ‘the party's power base was confined to one province’
    • ‘Particular groups of senior managers re-aligned in order to sustain their power base.’
    • ‘It would throw off the neocon power base and realign all manner of forces.’
    • ‘I do not think we should chastise unions or put a black mark against them because they want to have a stronger power base.’
    • ‘Their power base lay in the universities and in the support they received from government.’
    • ‘If it is set up it will undoubtedly take unto itself many of the powers now exercised by local councils, thus removing local democracy to a distant power base.’
    • ‘This is an opportunity to undercut its domestic power base and also to curb extremism.’
    • ‘The king's authority had been fatally undermined as the narrow power base of his administration had nothing to fall back on.’
    • ‘Originally given an administrative appointment, he used his new position at the heart of the party to build up speedily a personal power base.’
    • ‘As a man in charge of the presidential guard units he sees his authority to enhance his own influence and consolidate his power base.’
    • ‘This combined force on Iberia's eastern coast created a new power base in Spain that would help to shape the Peninsula in the centuries to come.’
    • ‘She says the party is losing its traditional power base, as the influence of the farming community declines.’
    • ‘His party held most of the parliamentary seats and provided the government with its power base.’
    • ‘He had lost a lot of support and his power base was rapidly disappearing.’
    • ‘They would use their powers to establish a power base for themselves and create a world where those with powers would rule.’
    • ‘That, in turn, played a key role in weakening the power base of the old political establishment.’
    • ‘A royal family held power through links with local leaders, landlords and military figures who had a power base in different areas of the country.’
    • ‘They tried to block her getting the party chairmanship, but failed because of her independent power base in the constituency vote.’
    • ‘My concern with this is that rural communities are going to be neglected and forgotten by the power base of the urban voter.’
    • ‘The diversity of our members is the power base of our organization in achieving our goals.’
    • ‘The Chancellor does not have a strong power base within his party either.’


power base

/ˈpaʊ(ə)r ˌbeɪs//ˈpou(ə)r ˌbās/