Definition of power-driven in US English:



  • Operated or controlled by mechanical or electrical energy as distinct from manual labor.

    ‘tractors and other power-driven machinery’
    ‘a power-driven saw’
    • ‘A power-driven pontoon will carry visitors and their vehicles across the Orange River near the park's western extremity.’
    • ‘The huge sheets were trimmed on power-driven winches, and setting all 25 of Royal Clipper's square sails took about 10 minutes, start to finish.’
    • ‘They depended on imported, mature deep-rock mining technology with its reliance on mechanical hoists, railroad transportation, and powerdriven mills.’
    • ‘The introduction of power-driven machinery early in the nineteenth century led to greatly increased output, particularly in newspapers and magazines.’
    • ‘Nowhere in the Olympics are power-driven machines employed - it's all down to physical and mental determination between individuals.’
    • ‘Kids under 18 cannot work in construction, or operate power-driven woodworking tools, circular saws or other similar machines.’
    • ‘A power-driven machine is not necessarily superior to a tool in the hands of a skilled craftsman.’
    • ‘From 1908, railed electric buses, railless electric buses and power-driven buses appeared successively, ushering in a period of prosperous transportation.’
    • ‘In 1881 a factory employing 600 workers was constructed in Belfast, replacing hand-operated methods of production with power-driven machinery.’
    • ‘They emerged from obscurity and made history with, as historians of aviation carefully phrase it, the first power-driven heavier-than-air machine in which humans made free, controlled and sustained flight.’
    • ‘Last year, there were 6,651 power-driven vessels on the lake, ranging from small dinghies to cabin cruisers.’
    • ‘By the end of the 19th century the old manual processes had been replaced by mechanical production with power-driven machinery.’
    • ‘The Labor Department says it is withdrawing proposed rules that would ban children younger than 16 from using most power-driven equipment.’
    • ‘The firm's rapid growth was helped by new technology; notably power-driven lithographic presses and the machine colouring of maps.’
    mechanized, machine-driven, automated, automatic, motor-driven, self-propelled
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