Definition of powder room in English:

powder room


  • 1A women's bathroom in a public building.

    • ‘This powder room was bound to be empty, unlike the one readily used by all the other girls near the dance hall.’
    • ‘As an official ‘seat filler’ he spent the evening moving around the theater, sitting in for stars who had gone up onstage, to the powder room or outside for a smoke.’
    • ‘My triumph seemed complete and her cheeks seemed pinker than usual when she finally emerged from the powder room.’
    • ‘Complimentary nibbles will help to cope with the bill if nothing but champagne will do and do be careful not to get lost on the way to the powder room.’
    • ‘The powder room is pink and I sit in the stall and cry.’
    • ‘In robes and slippers, women passengers went aft to a roomy powder room to dress and make-up.’
    • ‘‘I have to go to the powder room,’ I said frantically to Tom, grabbed my handbag which was lying on the table, and ran to the back of the small restaurant.’
    • ‘If the strain of the working day is becoming all too much, simply sneak off to the powder room and sit down on the loo seat.’
    • ‘I was flustered—having just come off an airplane—and I went to the powder room.’
    • ‘She watched as her friend walked back down the darkened hallway and pushed open the door to the small powder room.’
    • ‘Not long ago, while I'd stepped into the powder room, a couple of tourist lovebirds occupied my base of operations/corner booth.’
    • ‘A precious opium-eating den, with a boudoir for hire and an elegant powder room, this hangout is lavish and otherworldly.’
    • ‘Much of the story's richness lays in the explanation of the unwritten rules of the powder room, which has a hierarchy as deeply ingrained as any office or prison yard.’
    • ‘The powder room of a French warship has traditionally been called ‘Sainte Barbe’.’
    • ‘The toilet couldn't be moved, but rotating it 180 degrees generated a powder room layout on the side nearest the public spaces.’
    • ‘Carly, how about we take a trip to the powder room?’
    lavatory, toilet
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    1. 1.1North American (in a private home) a bathroom, especially one which does not have a bathtub or shower and is intended for use by guests.
      ‘functionally, a powder room needs only a toilet, a sink, and minimal storage for hand towels’
      • ‘The plumbing pipe reappears in another unexpected location—overhead, running throughout the open living area and into the adjacent powder room and sunroom.’
      • ‘That screen is the powder room jutting into the space below, so bathers can look up and see the sky plus see the powder room.’
      • ‘The powder room should incorporate enough space for fixtures as well as storage, and enough room for the user to comfortably enter and exit the space.’
      • ‘Functionally, a powder room needs only a toilet, a sink, and minimal storage for hand towels, so it's usually the sink that becomes the most prominent design element.’
      • ‘I think the next step will be covering up the hideous wallpaper in the powder room and replacing the hardware (white plastic).’
      • ‘Speaking of feminine issues, perhaps now would be a good time to go to the powder room.’
      • ‘She quickly made her way to the powder room and stood behind the changing wall, throwing her gown on top of the tall screen that shielded her from the elaborate, stained-glass windows that were in her bathroom alone.’
      • ‘They stood here just wide-eyed and surprised, and when they went into the powder room, they found that all of her cosmetic bags, makeup kits had been scattered around and gotten into as though a little girl had been playing makeup.’
      • ‘Silver wreaths with sprays of the lavender flowers tucked in are nice for decorating our downstairs powder room, where the fragrance comes in handy at times.’
      • ‘But that did not quite prepare them for the candy cane lane in front of the house that we walked along when we got back from the airport—nor for the Christmas guest towels in the powder room, the porcelain reindeer, and the singing Santa.’
      • ‘By removing a brick wall that sealed off the sunroom from the kitchen, and relocating the powder room, the couple achieved flow and functionality.’
      • ‘In fact, the toilets, showers, sinks, lights and just about every other fixture found in the typical powder room are little more than drains for untold amounts of water, energy and money.’
      • ‘An example is the powder room near the kitchen, or the master bath, where the strong color is limited to a single plane.’
      • ‘We redid the downstairs powder room and aside from the fact that it's still missing a corner shelf and a window treatment I think it's pretty much done.’
      • ‘This optical illusion is perfected in the upstairs powder room.’
      • ‘The closet between the entry and kitchen didn't suffice, so they expanded the work area by borrowing space from a powder room and closet.’
      • ‘The artist's work graces several rooms—most notably a faux-marble stair railing in the foyer and an ocean-side mural in an upstairs powder room.’
      • ‘Nothing deflates a home's impression of quality like going into a powder room and having your ears assaulted by one of these shrieking pieces of dreck.’
      • ‘She ran into her powder room and hid behind the changing screen.’
      • ‘The man with the port bottle, and his wife playing hostess in the powder room, had departed.’


powder room

/ˈpaʊdər ˌrum/