Definition of powder-like in US English:



  • Resembling or characteristic of powder in texture.

    ‘a powder-like substance, suspected to be cocaine’
    • ‘If the burning chemical is a powder-like substance such as lime, brush it off the skin before flushing.’
    • ‘Finely chop the leaves, preferably with a mezzaluna, so that they almost become powder-like.’
    • ‘Specialists say contaminated heroin or another powder-like substance used to dilute the drug may have spread the disease.’
    • ‘A packet containing a powder-like chemical was also seized.’
    • ‘My typical day in Jambiani would start at 6.30 a.m., with a one-hour walk along the powder-like sandy beaches.’
    • ‘The ground-down powder-like wood particles will be used at Drax Power Station, for the UK's first-ever full-scale trials of co-firing willow with coal.’
    • ‘The toxin may be in the form of a powder-like substance that animals are either eating or walking through.’
    • ‘The air was darkened with a whirling, seething mass of powder-like snow which appeared to come up from the ground as well as down from the sky.’
    • ‘In preparing edible sumac, the hairy coating is first removed from the berries, which are then ground to powder-like consistency.’
    • ‘The resultant powderlike debris lodged permanently in the patient's body and caused a wide range of painful and debilitating complications.’
    fine, dry, fine-grained, dusty, chalky, floury, mealy, sandy, crumbly, friable, granulated, granular
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