Definition of poverty line in US English:

poverty line


  • The estimated minimum level of income needed to secure the necessities of life.

    • ‘The poverty line encompasses minimum food spending and other basic expenditures.’
    • ‘Each of these groups contains a high concentration of those below the poverty line.’
    • ‘Since 1996, living standards have improved the most for children who were living just below the poverty line.’
    • ‘Forty years earlier, a family at the poverty line had an income that was 42.6 percent of the median income.’
    • ‘Around 40 percent of the country's population live on incomes below the official poverty line.’
    • ‘They are still living below the poverty line, and that poverty line is an inhuman poverty line.’
    • ‘More than half the population are now living below the poverty line.’
    • ‘We are supportive of the concept of the reduction of taxation if the family income is under the poverty line.’
    • ‘With half the population below the poverty line and one-third out of work, the utility hikes may well simply be unsustainable.’
    • ‘One of the variables included in the survey is household income relative to the poverty line.’
    • ‘When mothers of preschoolers worked, their family income rose above the poverty line.’
    • ‘This is legally possible because minimum wages have been kept way below the poverty line.’
    • ‘The poverty line does not even account for regional variations in the cost of living!’
    • ‘The many elderly who rely on low state pensions, but who resist means testing, suffer incomes below the poverty line.’
    • ‘Angry pensioners have banded together to protest at crippling council tax levels leaving them on the poverty line.’
    • ‘One quarter of single parent families and pensioners are living on an income below the poverty line.’
    • ‘Instead they are put on just 70 percent of the level of income support, which is already below the poverty line.’
    • ‘The Institute sets the poverty line at 50 percent of the median disposable income in the economy.’
    • ‘What percentage of Costa Rican coffee-growing families are living below the poverty line?’
    • ‘So how many people are existing on an income below the poverty line?’


poverty line

/ˈpɑvərdi laɪn//ˈpävərdē līn/