Definition of poverty-stricken in English:



  • Extremely poor.

    ‘thousands of poverty-stricken people’
    • ‘The house also has aged - it looks small and poverty-stricken despite its attempts at ennoblement, and has not been maintained.’
    • ‘There is immoral, unethical and illegal prosperity on the one side and poverty-stricken people who are moral and ethical on the other.’
    • ‘He describes his experiences in the poverty-stricken country.’
    • ‘Among the poverty-stricken urban dwellers children often work as mechanics' assistants, tea sellers, or maidservants.’
    • ‘I saw people who are poverty-stricken but extremely rich within.’
    • ‘It is a poor, isolated place, full of poverty-stricken villagers and their malnourished children.’
    • ‘Others are the lost and lonely, the homeless and poverty-stricken.’
    • ‘The woman's later life is described as lonely and poverty-stricken.’
    • ‘He claims that his purloined oil is sent to a crude refinery deep in the mangrove swamps of the Niger Delta and then sold off at a discount to poverty-stricken local people.’
    • ‘Isolated and poverty-stricken, few have jobs, and the community is plagued by alcohol abuse.’
    • ‘The academy subsidised poverty-stricken exiles and gave a voice to a huge community of intellectuals scattered across the globe.’
    • ‘This situation keeps poor farmers in developing countries poverty-stricken.’
    • ‘He provides a heart-rending account of the daily torment of sheer survival in this most poverty-stricken country in Asia.’
    • ‘His mission was to capture the poverty-stricken lives of rural sharecroppers.’
    • ‘It is a simple but engrossing thriller set around an under-resourced hospital in a poverty-stricken township.’
    • ‘Even in their poverty-stricken condition, they could not forget that their father had once been a land-owner.’
    • ‘You can buy and donate resources to poverty-stricken areas, or help with other humanitarian efforts and causes.’
    • ‘So much for all those well-intentioned statements in recent weeks about aid to poverty-stricken developing countries.’
    • ‘When he received the chance, he left the poverty-stricken nation and headed to Italy.’
    • ‘Corruption, for example, is widespread in poverty-stricken countries.’
    extremely poor, impoverished, destitute, penniless, on one's beam-ends, as poor as a church mouse, without a sou, dirt poor, in penury, penurious, impecunious, indigent, needy, needful, in need, in want, unable to make ends meet, down and out, necessitous, beggarly, moneyless, bankrupt, in straitened circumstances
    on the breadline
    broke, flat broke, cleaned out, strapped for cash, strapped, on one's uppers
    stony broke, skint, without two farthings to rub together, without two pennies to rub together, in queer street
    stone broke
    pauperized, beggared
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/ˈpävərdē ˌstrikən/