Definition of poundage in English:



  • 1Weight, especially when regarded as excessive.

    ‘reduce excess poundage without risking overexertion’
    • ‘Several of the contingent are carrying excess poundage following the Christmas festivities which included a four-week gap from competition.’
    • ‘Essentially, you suffer a decrease in strength, your training poundages drop and your muscles get less stimulation, which leads to muscle loss.’
    • ‘Lifting the correct poundage will reflect maturity in your training.’
    • ‘All the diets seemed safe and all produced weight loss, although there were no huge drops in poundage.’
    • ‘Remember, these bodybuilding greats took a long time to build up to those weights, but they kept adding poundage.’
    • ‘How do you make your holiday that special treat without putting on the extra poundage?’
    • ‘It appears that you're overly focused on the poundage you're moving.’
    • ‘List all exercises performed, including the total number of sets and repetitions for each and poundages per lift.’
    • ‘Go to try and undo the damage before my body gets too accustomed to the excess poundage in all the wrong places.’
    • ‘Forage fish (bluegill and redear sunfish) should furnish more than 75 percent of the poundage of fish taken from your pond.’
    • ‘When your muscles tire, drop the poundage and squeeze out another 6-8 reps.’
    • ‘Here's the simple truth: I have that hard look not because I possess encyclopedic knowledge of diet foods, and not because I've figured out the perfect number of exercises, sets, reps and poundages.’
    • ‘After five minutes of stepping, go directly to the bench and perform one set of flat bench press for ten reps; use an appropriate poundage on the barbell.’
    • ‘Any excess poundage can be got rid of on special festival walks and at the local sports day!’
    • ‘‘Today, the same poundage caught by sportfishermen represents a very high percentage of the total,’ he points out.’
    • ‘They strike the bait with such power when they leap into the air that a strong line is an absolute must since a billfish of that caliber and poundage can make a line with an 80 pound breaking sprain seem like thread under all that pressure.’
    • ‘They relied on contractile force to move medium-heavy poundage.’
    • ‘With two of the Majors being played in sweltering heat each summer his excess poundage indicts him every time.’
    • ‘The shock comes when examining the dizzying lifts and the resultant poundage totals the duo has achieved.’
    • ‘The Husband is certain I will have to pay extra for the poundage.’
    heaviness, mass, load, burden, pressure, force
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  • 2British A payment of a particular amount per pound sterling of the sum involved in a transaction.

    • ‘The government should also restore a uniform business rate poundage across the UK and sort out profligate local councils - we have some of the highest council taxes in the land in Glasgow and Edinburgh but probably the worst services.’
    • ‘He also attacked business rates which he said were also a ‘stumbling block to positioning Scotland as a truly good place to do business’ as the rate poundage was significantly higher than in England.’
    • ‘The rate poundage is likely to be cut, giving an impression that business is getting something back.’
    • ‘He sifts through his papers again to repeat the agreement on business rates which commits the Executive to the current freeze on the rate poundage and increases over the next two years limited to no more than inflation.’
    • ‘But the business community still argues that firms are penalised in Scotland because business rate poundage is 4p higher than in England.’
    1. 2.1 A percentage of the total earnings of a business, paid as wages.