Definition of pound sign in English:

pound sign


  • 1North American The sign #, representing a pound as a unit of weight or mass, or as represented on a telephone keypad or computer keyboard.

    • ‘When they want to connect via IP, users precede the regular phone number with a pound sign when dialing.’
    • ‘If you don't know the extension of the party with whom you wish to speak, press eight for the company directory, then push the first three letters of the person's last name, followed by the pound sign.’
    • ‘Then, once you call them, you have to go through dozens of hoops and presses and pound signs before you reach a human.’
    • ‘Freya picked up her phone and hit the number two and then the pound sign.’
    • ‘You can add your own comments in lines starting with two symbols: # (the pound sign and then a white space).’
    • ‘I'm using the pound sign # to indicate interruption points.’
    • ‘He pressed the pound sign, clicking to the next message.’
  • 2The sign £, representing a British pound sterling.

    • ‘It adopted the pound sign as its party symbol to emphasise its hostility to the euro, which is viewed by Washington as the only potential challenger to the supremacy of the dollar.’
    • ‘Joining him will be all thinking people that care about this planet, including many thousands of scientists that haven't got dollar or pound signs blocking their vision.’
    • ‘People who alter pound signs to euros on cheques and lodgment slips could bring the retail banking clearing system to a halt during the euro changeover, Bank of Ireland warned yesterday.’
    • ‘In this particular case, the police are in the UK, and they seem to have conveniently swapped out the dollar signs for pound signs, but kept the numbers identical - exchange rates be damned.’
    • ‘He spent six weeks in Brixton prison for drawing a pound sign on a £60m Rembrandt painting at the National Gallery, later admitting it was a step too far.’
    • ‘It's a mistake for journalists to come into this business because they see pound signs.’
    • ‘Does a pound sign, followed by the numeral 1 and nine consecutive noughts give rational human beings the right to turn into irrational moaners?’
    • ‘If a website is rendering pound signs with an A in front of it i.e. A £100.00, what's causing it and how do I stop it, is it a setting on the computer or does it need code to get round it?’
    • ‘Cashmere jumpers have slashed sleeves with buttons, while dollar and pound signs add a humorous touch to classic knitwear.’
    • ‘Optimism still has to be converted into pound signs though.’


pound sign

/ˈpaʊnd ˌsaɪn//ˈpound ˌsīn/