Definition of pouched in US English:



  • See pouch

    • ‘The broad firm cheeks droop into a pouched flush as they sink downward into his draggled lace collar.’
    • ‘Four resplendent Siberian chipmunks with their pouched cheeks and striped fur are wanted dead or alive after fleeing from an enclosure in southern England, a newspaper reported yesterday.’
    • ‘The paleontologist says the brain volume of placental carnivores is about two and a half times larger, on average, than that of pouched carnivores.’
    • ‘This group includes all of the pouched animals, such as opossums, kangaroos, and Tasmanian devils.’
    • ‘What are we to make of the many examples of hermaphroditism and sex - role reversal, of intersexed deer and pouched male kangaroos?’