Definition of potter's wheel in English:

potter's wheel


  • A horizontal revolving disk on which wet clay is shaped into pots or other round ceramic objects.

    • ‘One potter might form the bowl, either through casting the clay in a mold or hand-forming it on a potter's wheel.’
    • ‘He hand-built many works from slabs, and also had forms thrown to his specifications on the potter's wheel.’
    • ‘Evidence would suggest that after about 900AD the potter's wheel as we would recognise it came back into fashion.’
    • ‘They are also made with the potter's wheel as well as glazes and enamels introduced from Spain.’
    • ‘Those with wheel expertise would demonstrate and instruct on the potter's wheel, and others would teach coil building.’
    • ‘To the right was a potter's wheel and a collection of beakers, test tubes, and empty containers made variously of clay, stone, shell, wood, and glass.’
    • ‘No, we don't have a potter's wheel - these pots were hand-built!’
    • ‘In front of the window sat a table, a cabinet, an easel, and a potter's wheel.’
    • ‘I would shape pots at the potter's wheel, which in the days when I was a teenager was a tool you moved by kicking.’
    • ‘Lisbeth had a potter's wheel that she'd brought with her from Denmark - she'd studied pottery at college.’
    • ‘Air bubbles will also make working on the potter's wheel more difficult.’
    • ‘Melodies sing, phrases are shaped like clay on a potter's wheel, and rhythms are given a gentle bounce.’
    • ‘They were thrilled to get their hands on the potter's wheel.’
    • ‘Stoneware vessels were often shaped by hand on a potter's wheel or sometimes formed in a wooden mold.’
    • ‘I couldn't fight something that ate away from the inside, leaving me malleable like a piece of wet clay on the potter's wheel.’
    • ‘This outside work area is adjacent to the pottery building where the potter's wheels, kilns, and stockpile of clay and glazes are housed.’
    • ‘I would love to learn how to do other forms of art as well, like using a potter's wheel, photography and graphic arts.’
    • ‘At times that play may actually be fun, at times it will feel more like the refiner's fire or the potter's wheel.’
    • ‘We're going to start using the potter's wheel, since everyone seems to get the flow of hand molding.’
    • ‘In this cradle of civilisation the first system of writing was developed, and the potter's wheel, the seed plough and many other creations we now take for granted were invented.’


potter's wheel

/ˈpädərz ˌ(h)wēl/