Definition of potoroo in US English:



  • A small, nocturnal rat-kangaroo with long hind limbs and typically a hopping gait, native to Australia and Tasmania.

    Genus Potorous, family Potoroidae: three species

    • ‘It seems likely that either the cessation of Aboriginal burning - done to attract game species and clear the land - or the arrival of cats caused the extinction of the broad-faced potoroo.’
    • ‘At the other end of the scale from the six large types mentioned above are the rat/rabbit-sized bettongs, potoroos and rat-kangaroos.’
    • ‘Tasmanian National Parks and Wildlife Service concerns have seen the band move from using wallaby and potoroo skins to feral goat hide.’
    • ‘Thousands of rare Australian animals, such as endangered numbats and long-nosed potoroos, face a precarious future as a company set up to ensure their survival faces extinction itself.’
    • ‘From this perspective, the potoroo's re-discovery could be seen, and presented, as evidence of sound scientific management of the landscape, albeit for a different target species.’


Late 18th century: probably from Dharuk badaru.