Definition of potholing in US English:



  • The exploring of natural potholes as a pastime.

    • ‘His favourite pastime of potholing had a close association with waterfalls.’
    • ‘The Holy Grail of potholing is believed to lie in a remote area of China where prehistoric caves are thought to be almost twice as deep as any previously explored.’
    • ‘For a documentary-maker, that must have been like going potholing in Cumbria and stumbling on Tutankhamen's tomb.’
    • ‘The outdoor sports enthusiast loved potholing and had enjoyed the activity for more than 14 years.’
    • ‘Dawdle on the gated way and, just before you cross the narrow lane that leads to Bullpot, the potholing and caving centre, look for the fourth sheepfold, tucked under trees.’