Definition of potently in US English:



  • See potent

    • ‘I really liked the sweet and tender bulgogi, in which slices of pork are cooked in a sweet and nutty sauce until they become sticky little slices of potently flavored, irresistible barbecue.’
    • ‘Tensions around the increasing personal frustrations of young people, lack of employment opportunity and a surge of cultural conservatism are most potently symbolised in the re-veiling of women.’
    • ‘When it was restaged at the beginning of this year in the new house (with an identical cast other than the two children's roles), it seemed as intense and potently ambiguous as ever.’
    • ‘This was most potently displayed in the aquatic creatures section - and here at last we saw a preserved box jellyfish, the deadliest creature on earth.’
    • ‘The waiter pours a glass of cognac, lights it, swills the flaming liquid around the glass, then tips it out before pouring a fresh helping into the warm and potently fume-filled glass.’