Definition of potbelly in English:


(also pot belly)


  • A large, protruding, rotund stomach.

    • ‘Looks really aren't important to me: my last boyfriend had a double mastectomy and a pot belly.’
    • ‘Within a month, you are guaranteed a paunch, a pot belly, and the inability to walk up stairs.’
    • ‘So yeah, I had to work out but, you know, it's such a ridiculous character, the guy's so silly that I don't think it would have mattered if he'd got a pot belly.’
    • ‘A man with a pot belly and a balding head walked into the room.’
    • ‘I'm comfortable being a short, stocky person if it's one that's muscly - what I'm not comfortable with is my current pot belly, extra-padded hips, and padded thighs.’
    • ‘Some people develop skinny legs, but a pot belly, a buffalo hump or a double chin as a side effect.’
    • ‘The spokesman said the suspect is described as of East European appearance, 6ft 2ins tall, heavily built with a pot belly.’
    • ‘The bloke was easily in his 60s, unshaven, with a pot belly.’
    • ‘He has a tall, lanky frame with a budding pot belly.’
    • ‘Instead of seeing my pot belly and peculiar bum, I saw my green eyes, with their unusually large pupils, my thick wavy hair, full lips and ample bust.’
    • ‘It doesn't work if your pot belly is the result of over-indulgence.’
    • ‘This lead to a short pause as everybody momentarily glanced up to soak in the sight of the new teacher: a short 50 year old woman with black hair, thick square glasses and a pot belly.’
    • ‘‘You can't have been here that long - you haven't got a pot belly,’ he told a British citizen he met in Budapest, Hungary, in 1993.’
    • ‘The man is a bit sorry for himself, wears his pot belly like a flag or invitation card.’
    • ‘He now has a pot belly while his Afro haircut of the 1980s has been replaced by a short-cropped style and his beard has gone from black to grey.’
    • ‘And for example, you look at ballet dancers, have you ever seen a ballet dancer on stage on the point of one toe with the arms above the head with a pot belly?’
    • ‘I'm never going to have hips or chunky thighs, but I've no waist and a pot belly, which apparently makes me ideal for endurance sports.’
    • ‘Last time I saw him speak, I had the impression of a short man with a pronounced pot belly.’
    • ‘A black-haired, thickly-bearded man in the middle of the soldiers with his armour hanging over a pot belly stepped forward, thumbs hooked through his sword belt.’
    • ‘He had a bad razor rash and a bit of a pot belly and so I was stood in the queue trying to copy his gait and sticking my belly out when he turned round and caught me looking at him!’
    paunch, belly, beer belly, gut, fat stomach, protruding stomach
    beer gut, pot, tummy, spare tyre, middle-aged spread
    bay window
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