Definition of pot liquor in US English:

pot liquor


  • Liquid in which meat, fish, or vegetables have been boiled; stock.

    • ‘Cornbread, made with pure cornmeal is a must with every meal, especially if there's pot liquor.’
    • ‘Then there are the brilliant side dishes, of which I never seem to tire: The delightfully bitter greens brimming with smoky, pork-infused pot liquor.’
    • ‘If you know what pot liquor is, then you have probably just identified yourself as either being from the country, or having some agrarian connections.’
    • ‘Eat the garlic cloves, eat the mint, consume the pot liquor.’
    • ‘Divide greens and broth("pot liquor") evenly into 4 serving bowls.’


pot liquor

/pɑt ˈlɪkər/