Definition of postseason in US English:



North American
  • (of a sporting event) taking place after the end of the regular season.

    • ‘The team is banking on the starters' postseason experience to carry over.’
    • ‘Would Bears faithful have been better off with the memory of that Payton record or with the postseason home game they missed?’
    • ‘His reputation is one of postseason failure, though many will tell you that's another unearned disparagement.’
    • ‘Both have succeeded under pressure, even producing impressive postseason performances against the Yankees.’
    • ‘Will the huge investment the Colts have made in them ever result in postseason success?’
    • ‘Of course, none of this takes into account awards or postseason performance.’
    • ‘But that would have risked grinding up the teams and making them less attractive for postseason tournaments.’
    • ‘But the Islanders needed to go through the pain of postseason failure before they could skate off with the prize.’
    • ‘Trades are possible as the August 31 deadline for finalizing postseason rosters nears.’
    • ‘Instead, I'm going to concentrate on how these postseason events affect me.’
    • ‘So maybe a coach with a proven track record is the key to postseason success.’
    • ‘Three of the Hurricanes' first 12 game-winning postseason goals came from the defense.’
    • ‘The Jets have the talent to make some noise in the NFL's postseason tournament.’
    • ‘For all his accomplishments and accolades, he has had some terrible moments in each of Green Bay's last three postseason defeats.’
    • ‘New Orleans failed to make the playoffs despite some great seasons by Archie, but his son seems primed for eventual postseason success.’
    • ‘Lastly, postseason performance was not a factor in these rankings.’
    • ‘He's intelligent, well-spoken, and a student of hitting, and has plenty of postseason experience as both a player and coach.’
    • ‘The Cardinals have had one postseason victory in the last 52 years.’
    • ‘That record also belongs to the Vikings, with 22 total postseason defeats.’
    • ‘There isn't enough substance to grind out postseason victories.’


  • The period following the regular season.

    • ‘But down the stretch of the regular season and into the postseason, no team in baseball, save the Astros, mashed the ball better.’
    • ‘He had a better season than postseason, and some scouts want to see stronger fundamentals from him.’
    • ‘That can happen against weak teams in the regular season, but likely would be costly in the postseason.’
    • ‘But he is finishing strong and seems energized as the regular season turns into the postseason.’
    • ‘It's obvious the players are pacing themselves to survive the ridiculously long season and postseason.’
    • ‘The number of defensive touchdowns Tampa Bay scored in the regular season and the postseason combined.’
    • ‘As was the case in the regular season, the Patriots were outgained in the postseason.’
    • ‘What's the point of putting up all those great numbers in the regular season if you can't get it done in the postseason?’
    • ‘They were an unstoppable juggernaut, a team built specifically for the postseason because the regular season was a foregone conclusion.’
    • ‘In other words, a team built to win in the regular season also should win in the postseason.’
    • ‘In short, he could make up for a forgettable season with a memorable postseason, if only the light comes on in time to help the underachieving Seahawks.’
    • ‘The Jaguars never seem to be as good in the postseason as they are in the regular season.’
    • ‘You've also talked about the difference in setting up a team for the regular season vs. the postseason.’
    • ‘His value shot up in the postseason after a good season with the Bulldogs.’
    • ‘All five of the foes would be in the postseason if the season ended at this point.’
    • ‘Regular season or postseason, daytime or primetime, indoors or outdoors, the Patriots have been the hammer and the Colts have been the nail.’
    • ‘This team beat the Chisox in the regular season series, and should have done so in the postseason.’
    • ‘But the Yankees again are better constructed to win the regular season than the postseason.’
    • ‘Uniformity in record-keeping is at the core of separating statistics of the regular season from those in the postseason.’
    • ‘Veterans actually look forward to the postseason because the grind of the regular season gives way to a college season, in a sense.’