Definition of postmodernist in US English:



  • A believer in or supporter of postmodernism.

    ‘postmodernists rejected the search for broad generalizations’
    • ‘He is careful to add that he is no postmodernist.’
    • ‘Postmodernists prefer local traditions which are not entirely led by rational and instrumental criteria, but make room for the sacred and even the irrational.’
    • ‘They are the much-misunderstood gurus of postmodernists.’
    • ‘Unlike most postmodernists, he doesn't enervate the past or its ideas with condescension.’
    • ‘This critique of modernist nationalism-as-mental-colonialism has come to serve as the fig leaf for the postmodernists.’
    • ‘Postmodernists are disillusioned with this triumphalist view of science dispelling ignorance and making the world a better place.’
    • ‘Social constructivist theories of science nicely complement postmodernists' angst against science.’
    • ‘Does that mean that the door is wide open for any interpretation, constrained, as the postmodernists would have it, only by intertextuality?’
    • ‘In all the areas we have looked at, there are very vigorous alternative intellectual traditions outside those promoted by postmodernists.’
    • ‘Postmodernists, by the very definition, like to dabble.’


  • Of or associated with postmodernism.

    ‘postmodernist theory’
    ‘postmodernist art’
    • ‘The works nicely evoked the familiar postmodernist theme of cultural objects returning to nature.’
    • ‘The music is far from being a reheated postmodernist stew.’
    • ‘Both the copies and the rubbings are completely different in spirit from postmodernist appropriation.’
    • ‘His ostensibly modernist abstractions are constructed, to an extent, like postmodernist pastiches.’
    • ‘The mechanically reproduced images evoke a seemingly unlikely affinity with postmodernist concerns.’
    • ‘I am far from the first to emphasize what has been regarded by many as our quintessential postmodernist predicament.’
    • ‘Her intellectually provocative essay on the songs is touched by fashionable postmodernist ideas.’
    • ‘This quirky, sumptuous body of work presaged the ideas of many postmodernist image manipulators.’
    • ‘It combines the postmodernist use of heuristic concepts with a Chinese tradition of philological inquiry.’
    • ‘Her medium and subject matter flew in the face of traditional figurative aesthetics, feminist proprieties, and postmodernist biases, all at once.’