Definition of postmenopausal in US English:



  • Having undergone the menopause or occurring after menopause.

    ‘a new study is adding to the debate on hormone replacement therapy for postmenopausal women’
    ‘physical exercise is recommended for the prevention and treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis’
    • ‘Menopause and a long postmenopausal life are evolutionary oddities that people and killer whales developed independently.’
    • ‘They analyzed 796 patients with postmenopausal breast cancer who had not received hormone therapy.’
    • ‘Among the participants, 73 were classified as premenopausal and 48 were postmenopausal.’
    • ‘This new study factored in age, breast density and postmenopausal use of hormone therapy.’
    • ‘Thus managing postmenopausal health is a key issue for all health professionals, not just gynaecologists.’
    • ‘In fact, women in these populations spend nearly half of their adult lives postmenopausal.’
    • ‘Up to 75 per cent of women use herbal and complimentary medicines to treat their postmenopausal symptoms.’
    • ‘When you're postmenopausal and overweight, losing weight is a good thing.’
    • ‘Women who exercised either during their reproductive or postmenopausal years had a reduced risk of developing breast cancer.’
    • ‘The taller a postmenopausal woman is, the greater risk she faces of developing cancer, according to a new study.’