Definition of postman in US English:



  • A person who is employed to deliver or collect letters and parcels; a mail carrier.

    • ‘He initially worked in the sawmills at Old Farmyard, before taking up the position of local postman.’
    • ‘The 53-year-old postman was pushed off his bike and left lying in the gutter, shaken and bruised.’
    • ‘Tom has carried out his duties as postman in the area for the past 25 years with great efficiency and no shortage of wit.’
    • ‘Waited for postman this morning before setting off to work.’
    • ‘According to one postman, who didn't want to be named, there were piles of parcels, presents and flowers stacked up in the offices.’
    • ‘Well, our smiling postman recently delivered a letter to me that had my maiden name on it.’
    • ‘Why does the postman deliver my junk mail to my neighbours house but always delivers the bills correctly?’
    • ‘The simple looking khaki-clad postman has not lost his role even in this age of information technology.’
    • ‘I can understand why some postmen get overwhelmed and bury the sacks in their yard.’
    • ‘Mail for residents at the complex is normally left in the reception by a delivery driver for a postman to collect and deliver.’
    • ‘The pouches are regularly used to store bags of mail until a postman collects them for delivery to nearby homes.’
    • ‘The initiative is being introduced across the country and will result in 37,000 postmen who deliver their rounds on bike wearing the safety equipment.’
    • ‘What happens if someone writes the wrong address on an envelope, or the postman delivers the letter to the wrong door?’
    • ‘In the space of a few weeks in March, a number of incidents occurred including youths attacking a postman as he collected mail from the post box in the centre.’
    • ‘It is understood the threats were directed at two managers and one postman based at a sorting office in the city.’
    • ‘He was then promoted to postman and used to make his daily rounds on a bicycle.’
    • ‘The problem arose after the postman delivering the postal votes demanded payment for them.’
    • ‘No one is allowed into her home and the only person she ever sees is the postman delivering her letters.’
    • ‘That little red box at the end of the wall is the post box where the village postman collects (twice each day) all our outgoing mail.’
    • ‘The early morning postman was our very welcome friend and part of the English constitution.’
    • ‘Arnold, a part-time farmer and postman has even grown a beard to make his role more realistic.’
    • ‘A North Yorkshire postman has narrowly escaped jail for opening birthday packets before delivering them.’
    • ‘He was employed as a delivery postman by the Post Office the respondents.’
    • ‘But now one south Essex postman has found himself confronted by a new problem.’
    • ‘We never had this problem whenever the postman delivered our letters.’
    • ‘My dad's a postman and he delivers letters from all over the world.’
    • ‘Normally, customs will calculate the charges due at the point of entry in Ireland, and then it is left up to the postman or courier to collect the money.’
    • ‘The volume of mail that used to be delivered by three postmen is now on average being carried out by two.’
    • ‘The question remains as to why the Royal Mail needs to use agency staff rather than employing full-time postmen.’
    • ‘One thing that he definitely won't miss is getting acquainted with every postman's worst nightmare, the angry dog.’
    • ‘The Kilkelly native and former postman is a familiar face in the area and the large turnout emphasised his popularity.’
    • ‘A Black Country postman is taking legal action over claims he pulled a muscle carrying too many letters.’
    • ‘But some of the parcels will be too contaminated for the postmen and women to deliver.’
    • ‘At the moment Campbell, a 30-year-old postman from Glasgow, isn't sure that he can, or will.’
    • ‘His friend and fellow postman came close to losing his life but is now back at work.’
    • ‘We have a most jolly fellow for a postman and here of late I've been confounding and delighting him.’
    • ‘At one time he was the ship's postman, at another the barber.’
    • ‘She also loved to receive letters and looked forward to the arrival of the postman or postwoman on a daily basis.’
    • ‘Irrespective of the changed communications world, a big community of postmen still delivers mails all over the city, door to door, sometimes on foot.’
    • ‘The postman will shortly be delivering a stack of tax credit forms to the population of Britain.’
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