Definition of posthaste in English:



  • With great speed or immediacy.

    ‘she would go posthaste to England’
    • ‘His biggest turn-on is a girl in a bikini, so I had better get to the gym post-haste.’
    • ‘Or was she so strapped for time that she had to write it in post-haste and not even proof read it once.’
    • ‘So I suggest you finish up your vector-hunt post-haste and clear out.’
    • ‘The persons responsible ought to be prosecuted in the first instance, the deck must be removed post-haste and the destroyed vegetation replaced immediately.’
    • ‘I loved the film as well (and I'm going to start another thread post-haste on a possible phenomenon I saw in it).’
    • ‘The menu board outside and the bandstand inside inspired me to grab a table post-haste.’
    • ‘I assured him that he could just leave it there in the receiving dock and I'd come get it post-haste.’
    • ‘I haven't read the other two books in the trilogy, and that's a keen regret that I intend to do something about post-haste.’
    • ‘The unmoved expression slowly creeping over Lily's face prompted him to continue explaining post-haste.’
    • ‘Call the constable and arrange for a lynch mob post-haste.’
    • ‘This was sent to her post-haste and we heard that it was the main attraction at a dinner, which included foreigners.’
    • ‘Which is better, post-haste posting or prior preparation and preening?’
    • ‘Mind you, if they made a movie of that, I might rouse myself from my burrow post-haste.’
    • ‘Those who have seen it are encouraged to purchase it post-haste.’
    • ‘Pop the question now, and start planning post-haste.’
    • ‘They are currently awaiting the decision on a planning submission which, if approved, will send them off to structural engineers post-haste.’
    • ‘But the very thought of the potential existence of that possibility is absolutely killing me, and thus must be extinguished post-haste.’
    • ‘Our State and Federal Governments, intimidated by the medical fraternity's recent show of muscle, have scuttled new liability legislation through their parliaments post-haste.’
    • ‘In the last letter, I had suggested you to reach my place by post-haste but you neither affirmed the proposal nor rejected it.’
    • ‘So it would behove us ‘poorly informed’ environmentalists and ‘street protesters’ to post-haste mend our errant ways.’
    as quickly as possible, without delay, quickly, very quickly, speedily, swiftly, without further ado, without more ado, with all speed, promptly, immediately, at once, straight away, right away, directly, forthwith
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Mid 16th century: from the direction ‘haste, post, haste’, formerly given on letters.