Definition of postfeminist in English:



  • Coming after the feminism of the 1960s and subsequent decades, in particular moving beyond or rejecting some of the ideas of feminism as out of date.

    • ‘Unofficially, this is because I can't cook, officially, it's because I am making a statement of post-feminist empowerment.’
    • ‘To many minds, we live in a post-feminist era when denouncing sexist strictures is anachronistic.’
    • ‘Was all that consciousness-raising we did in the 1970s to be lost in a new mood of post-feminist consciousness plummeting below our waists?’
    • ‘Lisa clearly comes from this generation of sexually-empowered post-feminist females; Matt is just old enough to find it novel.’
    • ‘I wrote a post-feminist dissertation and book, without giving it much thought, a boundary encountered in practice, perceived only after-the-fact.’
    • ‘It is too easy to skip over feminism in these self-proclaimed post-feminist times.’
    • ‘In this post-feminist era, the danger is that in reclaiming the dignity of domestic work, women risk putting themselves right back where they started.’
    • ‘In our so-called post-feminist world, housework is not simply without status, but fast becoming a guilty secret.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, this utterly disposable post-feminist tract is so misguided that it ends up making most reality TV look thoughtful.’
    • ‘Mothers of America, it's time to talk back and refute insulting post-feminist propaganda.’
    • ‘The nude, once a staple of the painter's repertoire, has taken a hit in the post-feminist era.’
    • ‘Despite the belief that we now live in a post-feminist world, there continue to be startling gaps between how far women are thought to have come and the realities of where we are.’
    • ‘But what place does such a seemingly out-dated picture of femininity have in today's post-feminist world of working women and sensitized men?’
    • ‘I would never have been able to explain it in theoretical terms, but I think, looking back, I was writing about post-feminist women at a time when we were very confused.’
    • ‘What on the surface is a short film that embraces a post-feminist viewpoint in its celebration of female sexuality is actually more concerned with its irreverent underbelly.’
    • ‘The model is basically the same: hip-hop and disco-informed dance tunes undercut with punk rock adrenaline levels and post-feminist diatribes.’
    • ‘This is too frequently a riddle which drives us into paroxysms of post-feminist uncertainty.’
    • ‘Particularly, Hollywood's target audience of 18 to 25-year-olds tend to look for post-feminist attitudes to gender issues.’
    • ‘Apparently, post-feminist women are at their happiest when they are cleaning their houses.’


  • A person who rejects some earlier feminist ideas as out of date.

    • ‘But even readers who are sympathetic to her views about sexual politics will wonder about her desire to eat her postfeminist cake and have it, too.’
    • ‘Reports the sociology professor: ‘My biggest surprise in teaching here is that I am coming across growing numbers of postfeminist college women.’’
    • ‘With the record of more than four decades of Knowles's production now available for consideration, it seems possible to argue for a postfeminist reading of her oeuvre.’
    • ‘Dark Angel appears to be the usual postmodern, postfeminist representation of the female action hero with (at least) a reversal or (at most) a mixture of traditional gender traits.’
    • ‘And their postfeminist awareness allows them to accept her adoption of a more sexual persona for the moment, especially when it gives her power.’
    • ‘Years of living in a postfeminist world had deadened my instinctual desire to be dominated and cared for by a piece of 100 percent, USDA top-shelf, grade-A man.’
    • ‘She and her peers were not so much feminist as postfeminist; they'd reaped the benefits of Title IX, the 1972 law mandating gender equality in scholastic athletics.’
    • ‘A great irony of this supposedly postfeminist era is that there were actually more roles for older women in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s than in the current age.’
    • ‘In this postfeminist age, we are used to having images of desire that feature women ‘captioned’ with a sense of the artist's awareness that, yes, this is a sexist image.’
    • ‘In a mock-mockumentary series of interviews, we learn that she's a playa, a postfeminist sexual collector who dates only recreationally, damn the feelings of her unworthy quarry.’
    • ‘Sex, shopping and husband-hunting (at the same time, where possible) are being reclaimed as legitimate postfeminist preoccupations.’
    • ‘After all, who says that trashy beach reads can't coexist with smart postfeminist books?’
    • ‘In the postmodern, postfeminist 21st century, when women hold unprecedented power and independence, why do we doubt ourselves?’
    • ‘So, you take the cover of a men's mag - and it's ironic because it appears to be saying ‘women are objects’, yet of course it isn't saying that, because we're in a postfeminist age.’