Definition of poster girl in US English:

poster girl


North American
  • A woman who epitomizes or represents a specified quality, cause, etc.

    ‘an unlikely poster girl for freedom of speech’
    • ‘She's such an ambitious, annoying poster girl for the worst aspects of meritocracy that you kind of want better for her partner.’
    • ‘She has become a poster girl for quality artists left behind by major labels.’
    • ‘Pip is a poster girl for mother figures with attitude.’
    • ‘She could be the poster girl for the new generation of Ontario filmmakers.’
    • ‘If a PR company had taken on the task of rebranding Rotary for the 21st century, Penny would be their ideal poster girl.’
    • ‘In public, Foreman is a poster girl for the power of positive thinking.’
    • ‘In a world with so few bisexual celebrities actually willing to come out and almost no bisexual film or television characters, her willingness to embrace bisexuality on and off-screen has made her the de facto poster girl for bisexual women.’
    • ‘She is the poster girl for sassiness, sensuality, casual good looks, and studied style.’
    • ‘When asked, I admitted that I'd gained weight, adding that I had never presented myself as the poster girl of thin.’
    • ‘She is perhaps not the ideal poster girl for the younger generation, but one, like me, who stands in defence of rubbish food.’
    • ‘She found being the poster girl for fat acceptance a lonely business.’
    • ‘She herself as "a onetime quiet suburban housewife who's turned into the local poster girl for gay and lesbian rights".’


Late 19th century: from the use in print advertisements of good-looking young women and appealing children.