Definition of postage in English:



  • 1The sending or conveying of letters and parcels by mail.

    ‘the free postage that members of Congress enjoy’
    • ‘I also think it's great that you are servicing the western side of Oz where postage times from the east take longer to get to Western Australia’
    • ‘Resources for postage, travel, and specialist items of equipment are likely to be limited.’
    • ‘Return documentation on time and always get proof of postage.’
    • ‘They're actual legal postage in Sierra Leone and recognized by every postal authority around the world.’
    • ‘But his appeal has been quashed because he cannot provide proof of postage.’
    • ‘Consider all the steps involved in a project, from the time you spend creating it all the way through to postage or follow-up calls.’
    • ‘And I'll blame the lack of quality postage on lack of time and having my hands full of other things instead of the wind having been taken out of my sails.’
    • ‘A spokesman for the council said a few extra days are generally allowed for postage.’
    • ‘As good as our royal mail cope with postage I would hate to miss my deadline.’
    • ‘She prepared the package and sent it by surface mail because of the huge cost of postage for air mail, then we both sat back to wait.’
    • ‘As I was unable to produce proof of postage or purchase the matter was referred to Post Office Ltd, Belfast.’
    • ‘He said he did not have proof of postage but kept a copy of the form which he copied on his fax machine.’
    1. 1.1 The amount required to send a letter or parcel by mail.
      ‘the calendar is available for $15.95 including postage and handling’
      • ‘It cost me $10 for the chocolate, packing and first-class postage.’
      • ‘CDs cost £7.00 each and the price includes postage and packaging.’
      • ‘It can also be obtained from the same address for £6.98, including postage and packing.’
      • ‘Return address labels, pre-paid postage and integrated tracking are becoming more commonly provided by shippers.’
      • ‘While overseas, soldiers usually get free postage for letters back to the states.’
      • ‘The price (credit cards not accepted) includes postage and packing.’
      • ‘Add £1 for postage for each book ordered.’
      • ‘Return postage was prepaid and responses were anonymous.’
      • ‘Internet providers customarily charge a flat rate for a server that can be used to send email, and there's no postage required on email.’
      • ‘Add $6.50 postage for one book, $1 extra for both books.’
      • ‘Each stamp costs about double the price of generic first-class postage.’
      • ‘Read and understand the terms and conditions - is postage included and do you need extra insurance?’
      • ‘Have you included adequate return postage & packaging if you wish your entries to be returned?’
      • ‘If you bought over the phone, internet or by mail order, this refund must include the cost of postage.’
      • ‘Unsolicited manuscripts or photographs should be accompanied by return postage.’
      • ‘He got his postage refunded only after sending numerous letters and e-mails.’
      • ‘I know the price includes postage, but normal airmail to and from the US usually takes anywhere between one and three weeks.’
      • ‘A very grateful John handed over his address and £5 to cover the postage.’
      • ‘If ordering by mail, add €5.50 postage for the first book.’