Definition of post-tension in US English:



[with object]
  • Strengthen (reinforced concrete) by applying tension to the reinforcing rods after the concrete has set.

    ‘post-tensioned concrete’
    Compare with prestressed, pretension
    • ‘Retrofitted reinforced masonry can be post-tensioned after installation to increase the internal vertical stress and maximize spalling protection in low-level masonry structures.’
    • ‘The concept was to build a central core or ‘mast’ using structurally reinforced concrete, and post-tension the floors to the mast - there would be no columns to support the floors.’
    • ‘Both epoxy-coated steel reinforcing bars and post-tensioning cables were used for the project.’
    • ‘For the standard post-tensioned post-and-beam structure, the concrete mix was developed to get up to post-tensioning strength within 2 days.’
    • ‘In addition, each segment is transversely post-tensioned to increase strength and minimize cracking, and the segments are fastened together longitudinally with’
    • ‘Precast concrete pavement sections were then placed and post-tensioned together.’
    • ‘The structural slab that spans the girders is 8 inches thick, also of post-tensioned concrete.’
    • ‘To protect the tendons, calcium chloride and other materials containing chloride must not be used as admixtures in concrete slabs that are to be post-tensioned.’
    • ‘To control distorting deflections, the K-braces incorporate tie-beams which were sequentially post-tensioned as construction proceeded upwards.’
    • ‘We are currently wrapping up an underground parking garage project where some of the floors lack sufficient concrete cover on the bottom bars of a suspended, post-tensioned slab.’
    • ‘Beams supporting the post-tensioned floor were formed within the 8-inch depth of the floor slab to maintain an uninterrupted ceiling plane and the floor-to-ceiling window height.’
    • ‘The mudroom features post-tension concrete masonry units filled with a spray foam insulation made from tree sap.’
    • ‘The new post-tensioned concrete allows for a thinner deck, widening clearances by about 10 ft.’
    • ‘The post-tensioning keeps the construction joints tightly closed.’
    • ‘The beam and slab are post-tensioned and apparently no incidents occurred upon stressing.’
    • ‘Because of the poor soil conditions in their area, post-tensioned reinforcement and ‘waffle’ grade beam slab construction is used in all their work.’
    • ‘Two conduits were slipped through the barrier wall, and cable was pulled through and post-tensioned, holding barriers in place.’
    • ‘Staged stressing is also common to minimize the possibility of cracks because there are no moisture-proof membranes inside a post-tensioned concrete tank.’
    • ‘And finally we will cast a slab, and post-tension it to failure.’