Definition of post-chaise in US English:



  • A horse-drawn carriage used for transporting passengers or mail, especially in the 18th and early 19th centuries.

    • ‘The last guest, the Spaniard - Don Juan de Ramirez - stepped out of the post-chaise with a languid grace that only men of that race can lay claim to, and I was immediately startled by his appearance.’
    • ‘The commemorative event will include a re-enactment of the journey made to the city in October 1805 by a horse-drawn post-chaise carrying dispatches bearing news of the epic sea battle and of Admiral Lord Nelson's death.’
    • ‘Unlike the post-chaise recreation of the dash, which is taking place at a leisurely pace, the only break for the riders will come in Salisbury.’
    • ‘Lapenotiere made a momentous 37-hour journey by post-chaise from Falmouth in Cornwall to London.’
    • ‘Go there, imagining yourself in a frock coat or long dress, your silk stockings spattered by horse-mucky water thrown up by careless post-chaise drivers in the hurly-burly and scrimmage.’


Late 17th century: from post + chaise in the sense ‘horse-drawn carriage’.