Definition of possessive pronoun in US English:

possessive pronoun


  • A pronoun indicating possession, for example mine, yours, hers, theirs.

    • ‘Another common mistake is to confuse it's and its, the former being a contraction of it is and the latter a possessive pronoun.’
    • ‘This is my life, my form of sanity; note the possessive pronoun.’
    • ‘You'll be relieved to hear that we used no Anglo Saxon expletives in our reply - but we did point out that the possessive pronoun doesn't contain an apostrophe.’
    • ‘The apostrophe is never used with possessive pronouns such as his, hers, its, ours, yours or theirs, except with ‘one’, eg. ‘One must do one's best’.’
    • ‘An ‘analogous expression’ would be a possessive pronoun followed by an evaluative adjective used as a noun, referring to a specific event or action.’