Definition of porrect in US English:



Entomology Botany Zoology
  • Extended forward and outwards, especially horizontally in a straight line.


  • 1To stretch out, to extend (a part of the body, etc.). Compare porrect. Now Zoology.

  • 2Ecclesiastical Law and Civil Law. To put forward, tender; to produce or submit for examination or correction.


Early 19th century; earliest use found in George Samouelle (d. 1846). From classical Latin porrēctus stretched out, extended, use as adjective of past participle of porrigere to stretch out, extend<br>late Middle English; earliest use found in John Lydgate (c1370–c1449), poet and prior of Hatfield Regis. From classical Latin porrēct-, past participial stem of porrigere to stretch out, extend, to put forward, hold out, to offer, present from por- forward (from an ablaut variant of the Indo-European base of pro-) + regere to stretch, direct.