Definition of populistic in US English:



  • See populist

    • ‘The discourse of democracy has been embedded in the nationalist struggle for liberation and self-determination and has therefore implied a populistic kind of pluralism.’
    • ‘To most people it's clear that the Freedom Party and Haider is a very populistic and opportunistic conservative party.’
    • ‘He emphasizes how the collapse of Federalist hegemony reflected the emergence of a new order in which a political culture that demanded deference from non-elite citizens was replaced by a more populistic style of partisan politics.’
    • ‘Together with Marxism, this was to be something populistic - this is different from the American term populism.’
    • ‘But really, everything is better than this vulgar, populistic mantra of ‘pop will at itself’.’
    • ‘Although they became too populistic in the end for the presidential team, the formation of the Primakov-Luzhkov bloc actually helped destroy the Communists because they offered an alternative on the left and split the vote.’